Property Management

Finding a premier vacation rental property management company can be hard. You may find yourself faced with the choice between large national companies or a small company with personalized service. Big companies leverage technology to maximize owner profits. Small local companies can provide concierge-like service. At Hill Country Premier Lodging (HCPL), we believe you can have both. We take the frustration out of your experience to earn more for you.

The Vacation Rental Industry is constantly evolving. We continuously enhance our services to homeowners based on industry best practices and technological innovations. Beyond just technology, we are committed to providing a superior customer experience. In fact, customer service is at the core of our business philosophy. We partner with every individual home owner to assess your goals for your Vacation Rental. After that, we build a plan and advise you how to best achieve them. Finally, we know every rental guest is different and so is every homeowner. As a result, our customizable service offerings allow you to choose the elements that make sense for you.

We operate with a commission-based structure. With that in mind, it is in both our interests to make your property as successful as possible. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. As your business partner we are motivated to keep your costs low and your profitability high.

Property listings where they matter most –

We list your property on our HCPL website and promote with our in-house sales staff. As a direct result, more than 50% of our bookings come directly from our website or direct marketing efforts. In addition, we see many repeat, loyal guests. Finally, we post our properties on all of the major national and international vacation rental sites:

We integrate seamlessly with all the major OTA providers, including

We integrate seamlessly with all the major OTA providers, including


We integrate seamlessly with all the major OTA providers, including


We integrate seamlessly with all the major OTA providers, including


What slow season? —

If your goal is to keep your Vacation Rental property rented as much as possible, we have tools to assist you even during traditionally “slow periods” for the market overall. Utilizing a dynamic pricing algorithm, we have the capability to adjust your rates on a daily basis to make sure you are always getting the most out of your investment. Pricing is adjusted not based on a feeling or a whim, but on extensive market data that evaluates both historic and current pricing trends for the market.

It’s all in the details…and we take care of those –

At HCPL we are plugged in to the communities we service and ensure that our properties are in compliance with state and local laws. In addition, we collect and remit all necessary Hotel Occupancy Taxes on your behalf. We also offer 24/7 support for guests onsite. We troubleshoot and address guest issues that may arise quickly and work to preserve their experience to mitigate the risk of negative reviews.

Tools of the Trade –

As an Owner, you will be provided with an owner portal which includes a dashboard where you can view your bookings, availability calendar, as well as current and past statements. Owners also can block dates and review any service related items that have been scheduled for your property via the portal.

Quality housekeeping, every time –

Housekeepers are the unsung heroes of the hospitality business and we have partnered with some truly remarkable Housekeeping Professionals to ensure a quality guest experience. We provide Housekeepers an app to manage their schedule and have a convenient supply pickup option to replenish any needed supplies at your home. Scheduling of service, oversight, and payment to the vendors is all managed by HCPL so you don’t have to lift a finger.

But wait, there’s more –

Our Field Services Team provides even more ways for us to save our owners time and money. Our team will prepare your home the day of guest arrival to ensure it is guest ready and “prepped” to make a great first impression. We also close-up the day of departure to make sure everything is locked tight and in good condition after guests leave the property. We will notate or address any maintenance concerns that may need attention which we will communicate with you. Our in-house maintenance services are one way our owners generate larger profit margins than with other Property Management options on the market. Our extra services are typically much lower than market rates and include services such as; lawn maintenance, pest control, hot tub / pool maintenance, salt delivery (for water softeners), and changing air conditioning filters.

What are you waiting for?

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