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starting at$100/night

John Knox Ranch-Star Meadow Screen Cabin

BR / 0 BA / 18 PPL - Fischer, TX

JKR’s 10 Screened Cabins are nestled in pairs throughout the Ranch among old growth oak and cedar trees, with 2 cabins per site. They are equipped with electric lights and ceiling fans. Each cabin has canvas siding that can be rolled up or down, depending on the weather and the comfort needs of guests. Guests may use the Main Shower House for restroom and bathing facilities.

starting at$325/night

John Knox Ranch- Ranch House

3 BR / 2 BA / 19 PPL - Fischer, TX

If you’re looking for a spot to retreat with your family, look no farther than the John Knox Ranch House. This quaint house has the feeling of being at home but is located in the heart of the Hill Country. The outside area has beautiful wooded views and a charcoal grill. Entering the home, you’ll be greeted by a cozy living room that leads into the fully equipped kitchen and dining room. With ample beds, you’ll be able to maximize your togetherness and family time.

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