Fishing in the Hill Country

Fishing in the Hill Country helps you enjoy nature and relax. Hill Country fishing dates back centuries before permanent settlements took hold. As a result, you will find several fantastic fishing holes in the area. Many visitors have tried their angling skills on the banks of the Hill Country rivers, streams and lakes. Although you will want to confirm fishing license requirements for your perfect spot, many locations do not have any special requirements. Additionally, anyone wanting to fish who is also 17 years old or younger does not need a fishing license. Finally, licenses are not required if you are fishing within one of the 700 state parks. Basically, Hill Country fishing is easy, fun and a great way to spend a day with your family.














Local Fishing Holes

Fishing Pedernales State Park

Pedernales Falls, Photo by Houston Chronicle

The Texas Hill Country offers fantastic water-oriented activities. As a result, the abundance of local fish and amazing views blend into a seamless opportunity for the whole family. To start with, Pedernales Falls State Park is an absolutely perfect place to fish. The falls and rocks provide plenty of places for fish to spawn and the clear waters make them easy to find. You will find several different variety of fish and, since this is within a State Park, you do not need a fishing license. Local fish to the area include large-mouth bass, Guadalupe bass, sunfish (their back spines sting!) and catfish.




Fishing the Llano River State Park in the Texas Hill County

Llano River State Park, Photo by Marble Newspaper

About an hour west of Fredericksburg in the Hill Country, the Llano River State Park is another great fishing spot. Here, you will also find large-mouth bass, Guadalupe bass, channel catfish and a few other species. The waters are normally waist-deep, so fishing from shore is a breeze! Families have enjoyed this area for many years. As a result, this is a great place to take your young fishermen on their first trip.





Canyon Lake Fishing

Photo by Casey Smartt

Just below the dam at Canyon Lake, you will find fishing on the Guadalupe River exciting and beautiful. Since this Hill Country fishing hole is also within the boundaries of a state park, no fishing license is required. Native species of fish are similar to the previous locations and include varieties of bass, perch and catfish. Additional, the park stocks rainbow and brown trout, especially during the winter months. If you have never tried fly-fishing, this is the spot to take lessons! Trout love feeding on the insect hatches in the water, so streamers and similar types of lures are quite successful catching them.





Hill Country Fishing in Blanco State Park

Photo by Texas Parks and Wildlife

The Heart and Hub of the Hill Country also happens to include Blanco State Park. With more than 20 feeder streams leading into the Blanco River, the best fishing can be found right in Blanco State Park. Here, you will find shallow, calm waters that provide an ideal place for different species of bass, catfish, sunfish and others to spend their days. Similar to the practice at Canyon Lake, the park stocks freshwater trout during the winter months. Mentioned above, since this fishing is located within a Texas State Park, no fishing license is required.





Hill Country Fishing at Cypress Creek in Wimberley

Photo by Harris County Precinct 4

Finally, surrounded by a Little Bit of Heaven in Wimberley, TX, fishing on Cypress Creek provides you with relaxation along the banks. Most of the Cypress Creek access is on private land, which does limit access. However, if you stay at a vacation rental home along the creek, you can fish without a Texas fishing license. Cypress Creek offers you the opportunity to fish crystal clear waters for several species of bass, catfish, sunfish and trout during the winter months. Just as a final tip, fish Cypress Creek carefully. The clear waters will quickly startle the fish from loud noises, sudden movements and folks playing in the water nearby.





Fresh Fish Recipes

Once you have caught your dinner, lets enjoy! Many Hill Country vacation homes offer fully stocked and modern kitchens to prepare your feast. Working with a premier Hill Country vacation rental company will ensure you find the perfect spot for fishing and enjoying your catch!