Many guests ask us which Hill Country activities are nearby and if they offer any great deals. Well, we sure do! To do that, we help you enjoy countless Hill Country activities, food, drinks and other relaxing events. In addition, we want our guests to have a memorable stay AND enjoy the surroundings. We are confident you will enjoy these local Texas Hill Country advantage partners of ours to get the best deals for your stay.


In the Hill Country, you will find all sorts of options to eat. One thing is for sure, you will find the right meal to recharge your tummy. After a long day exploring all the Hill Country activities, everyone needs a break for a bite to eat, a quick refreshment and spot to relax for a few minutes. For instance, if you are looking for creative food options, here are some great ideas.


The Hill Country’s wine production is often compared to those of California, Italy, France and Australia. As a result of a temperate climate, nutrient-rich soil and plenty of sunlight, wines from Texas are sure to please everyone’s palate! These locations have offered Hill Country Premier Lodging customers fantastic savings. To receive the discount, be sure to bring proof of your rental agreement and they will take great care of you!

Cool Spots To Check Out

We have also secured a variety of savings discounts for other shops and services in the area for our guests. From flowers to spas to a vet for your pet – be sure to stop by and mention us! Each one of these folks will take very good care of you!